I made another drawstring bag! I decided I needed something classier to cart my snacks back and forth to work, and here it is! I LOVE how the fabrics worked out. I have some pieces cut out for a larger Captain Marvel bag (using a Noodlehead pattern), but I was having a hard time coming up with co-ordinates. I made the fabric myself, and printed it with spoonflower, and while I LOVE it, I think it pairs best with reds and maybe blues, whereas I wanted a bag with purples. The stripy fabric is from the Cream and Sugar fabric line (it’s all about tea and I love this fabric!), and the lining is Quilters Linen in Magenta. I think they pair wonderfully and I don’t have to worry about no purple! :D The only thing I’m not sure about are the ties. They are from official Marvel fabric in black and white, but they seem a little too dark. I can change them later if I want! :D

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    Hey Corey, I would love to have this as my next purse!
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